Massachusetts supreme court gay marriage decision

Mitt Romney was forced to implement a court ruling with which he vehemently disagreed, and that threatened to disrupt his future presidential prospects. Romney would not make it easy for gay couples; among other bureaucratic obstacles, he invoked a year-old state law that had been written to block interracial marriage to prevent same-sex couples from other states from coming to the Bay State to wed.

John Kerry — then a senator from Massachusetts, and the Democratic presidential nominee in — opposed gay marriage throughout his campaign, favoring civil unions instead, in what was viewed as a progressive position at the time. A full presidential cycle later, candidate Barack Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden , opposed nationwide gay marriage in favor of civil unions. It would take another four years -- and fully eight years after wedding bells first chimed for same-sex couples in Massachusetts -- before Biden pronounced himself comfortable with gay marriage.

Even at that time, in , gay marriage was legal in only six states plus the District of Columbia.

Before Obergefell, there was Goodridge: The birth of same-sex marriage in America

The landmark Supreme Court case establishing a fundamental right to marry came in — effectively ending a political debate made more urgent on those courthouse steps 11 years earlier. Now, in , an openly gay presidential candidate has been featured on the cover of Time magazine alongside his husband. In a pure historical coincidence, in May Pete Buttigieg was an undergrad at Harvard — in the very city, Cambridge, where the midnight marriage licenses were issued. The next time I interview him, I plan to ask him where he was that night.

I remember clearly the faces of many of those who got married and were celebrating those marriages in the middle of night, as TV lights illuminated rainbow flags. They were those of an older interracial couple, probably in their 70s. I recall a bearded black man and a taller white man holding hands as they worked through the crowd and into the courthouse, smiling.

I thought at the time about the history they witnessed, and how improbable they must have found it that they would be able to marry. I wish I could ask them now if they find it even more remarkable that the politics around gay marriage have moved as quickly as they have since that day. All rights reserved.

How Gay Marriage Became a Constitutional Right

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Celebrations for new law to allow same sex marriage

Bevin seeks vote recanvass while Beshear starts transition. Steyer's Iowa campaign political director denies money for endorsements claims. Democratic presidential front-runner Senator John Kerry said yesterday he favored homosexuals entering into civil unions and disagreed with the court ruling. The first marriage licences to be issued to gay couples in Massachusetts will be issued on May 18th, exactly 50 years to the day after the Brown vs Board of Education decision that desegregated US education.

Ten years ago, Massachusetts introduced us to gay marriage | MSNBC

Opponents to gay marriage still plan to fight the ruling. Next Wednesday, Massachusetts lawmakers will meet to consider a proposed amendment to the constitution that would define marriage as a union only between members of the opposite sex. However, as such an amendment could only go to a popular vote in at the earliest, it would be long eclipsed by the reality of hundreds of gay marriages in the intervening time. Nevertheless, Massachusetts Governor, republican Mitt Romney, says he intends to go the amendment route. The supreme court in British Columbia has ruled that a teacher's freedoms were not violated when he was suspended for writing letters critical of homosexuality to a newspaper.

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Massachusetts ruling will usher in same-sex marriage Fri, Feb 6, , It further strengthens a ruling of November 18th last, when the Massachusetts Supreme Court found the state's prohibition of gay marriage to be unconstitutional, writes Ian Kilroy in Boston Opponents to the November ruling in the state legislature had hoped to reach a compromise, putting forward a bill that would allow lesser "civil unions" for gays, rather than full "marriage".

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