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A total of around 11, prisoners entered the prison, which held an average population of 1, to 1, throughout the war. Today, a Confederate Cemetery has a monument bearing the names of the 1, Confederates who died while imprisoned in Alton Military Prison. Many of those men never returned home and these monuments to them are their only memorial. It took these women years and decades after the war to raise the money for these memorials in the war ravaged south with a devastated economy after "reconstruction".

The monuments that were erected in the s and 60s, including Stone Mountain, were completed during the national observation of the centennial of the war. To purport that these monuments were erected to reinforce Jim Crow or resist Civil Rights is completely untrue and is a false narrative created by these groups to stir up continued racial and political divisiveness.

Lastly don't rely on Wikipedia for your facts. Don't let these people get away with their lies!!! Because Truth Matters. Isham O. After the 55th Georgia Infantry was paroled, they spent most of the rest of the war on detached service as prison guards at Andersonville Prison in Georgia and also at the prison in Salisbury, North Carolina.

In the closing days of the war, the unit was ordered to rejoin the main Army, but the war ended before the order could be fulfilled. Livermore, a Union army nurse, would recall years later. Kodachrome You give us those nice bright colors You give us the greens of summers Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah!

This image is one of the most popular of all Civil War photographs and it has been colorized by others in the past. I never set out to recreate the colors perfectly but do try to make to finished product enjoyable to those that like authentic details. Hope you like it! Hellmira neverforget.

While many remember the Southern prisoner of war camps, many forget that the Union also had them. On top of that they built observation towers and charged around 15 cents for a person to view the prisoners and even sold refreshments. Conditions were made worse due to the fact that the camp could house up to 5, prisoners, meaning that the other 5, 7, prisoners had to live in tents along a nearby river even during the cold winter months.

This river would also flood and caused dozens of deaths. A later House investigation highlighted the Southern atrocities, but ignored the Northern ones for many years. While we are quick to highlight a specific sides atrocities, remember that both sides committed terrible acts and no one is perfect. Madison Wisconsin City Council rejects its own historical commission recommendations and has voted overwhelmingly to remove a cemetery marker noting the names of about Confederates, most of whom died at Camp Randall, a prisoner of war camp located in the city.

We encourage you to contact them to share your thoughts on their disgusting and immoral behavior. Finally a historian speaks out! James "Bud" Robertson gives his thoughts on the Confederate monument attacks. We yearn for more reminders of how far we have come and the obstacles we have overcome and the long journey. Eliminating memorials will not change yesterday. Learning from them can change tomorrow. Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Voir plus de contenu de Confederate Prisoners of War sur Facebook. Plus tard. Publications des visiteurs.

Laurice Goorley. I am just now researching the prisons that my relatives were in. Will slowly research each one of the ; not all were captured; some were killed. The saddest is my great grandfather, William Jesse Barganier, with the 17th Ala. Inf, Co. K died in February a few months before armistice. He died of malnutrition and internment fever. Brown, Aaron - Coleman, Florida. Brown, Andrew - San Quentin, California. Brown, Anthony - Lucasville, Ohio. Brown, Anthony - Marion, Ohio. Brown, Benjamin - Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Brown, Boris - Attica, New York. Brown, Brandon - Ontario, Oregon. Brown, Brandon - Kincheloe, Michigan. Brown, Brandon - Indian Springs, Nevada. Brown, Bryan - Fairton, New Jersey. Brown, Chappell - Moose Lake, Minnesota. Brown, Charles - Lovelady, Texas. Brown, Daniel - Tennessee Colony, Texas. Brown, Danteze - Beattyville, Kentucky. Brown, Darrell - Menard, Illinois.

Brown, Darren - Menard, Illinois. Brown, Demetrius - St. Brown, Derek - Indian Springs, Nevada. Brown, Devonte - Mansfield, Ohio. Brown, Dominic - Cumberland, Maryland. Brown, Dominic - Imperial, California. Brown, Douglas - Pound, Virginia. Brown, Dustin - Madras, Oregon. Brown, Edward - Sterling, Colorado.

Brown, Elizabeth - Goodyear, Arizona. Brown, Enrico - Pinckneyville, Illinois. Brown, Eric - Delano, California. Brown, Eric - Suffield, Connecticut. Brown, Howard - Indian Springs, Nevada. Brown, James - Atlanta, Georgia. Brown, Jarred - Bridgeton, New Jersey. Brown, Javontae - Midway, Texas.

Records of Prison Fellowship Ministries - Collection

Brown, Jeremy - Angie, Louisiana. Brown, Jermalle - Mt Sterling, Illinois. Brown, Jonah - Cottonport, Louisiana. Brown, Jonathan - Central City, Kentucky. Brown, Jonathan - Fort Madison, Iowa. Brown, Jonathon - Petersburg, Virginia. Brown, Kamal - Muskegon Heights, Michigan.

Brown, Keith - Georgetown, Delaware. Brown, Kile - Canon City, Colorado. Brown, Kimberly - Dublin, California. Brown, Leon - Corcoran, California. Brown, Leonard - Terre Haute, Indiana.

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Brown, Lionel - Bridgeton, New Jersey. Brown, Marcus - Taylorsville, North Carolina. Brown, Marquise - Concord, Massachusetts. Brown, Marvin - Lincoln, Nebraska. Brown, Melvin - Rosharon, Texas. Brown, Micah - Livingston, Texas. Brown, Michael - Delano, California. Brown, Michael - Dixon, Illinois.

Brown, Michael - Pekin, Illinois. Brown, Michael - Plainview, Texas. Brown, Nicholas - Boise, Idaho.

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Brown, Oscar - St. Brown, Phillip - Ionia, Michigan. Brown, Rahman - Concord, New Hampshire. Brown, Rahshard - Concord, Massachusetts. Brown, Ralph - Kincholoe, Michigan. Brown, Rarecole - Chillicothe, Ohio. Brown, Reginald - Coldwater, Michigan. Brown, Richard - Craigsville, Virginia. Brown, Richard - Big Spring, Texas. Brown, Robert - Mansfield, Ohio. Brown, Robin - Fredonia, Kentucky. Brown, Ronnie - Corcoran, California.

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Brown Jr, Michael - Winnfield, Louisiana. Brown Jr. Brown Sr, Rashod - Muskegon, Michigan. Browne, Donald - Westover, Maryland. Browne, Mark - Rahway, New Jersey. Browne, Preston - Iowa Park, Texas. Browning, Joshua - Grafton, Ohio. Browning, Nicholas - Cumberland, Maryland. Brownlee, Tonya - Wilsonville, Oregon. Broxson, Dusti - Tallahassee, Florida. Bruce, Joshua - Pinckneyville, Illinois. Brucker, Jamison - Rosharon, Texas. Brumfield, Darryl - Gatesville, Texas.

Brumfield, Joshua - Lucasville, Ohio. Brumley, Adam - Gatesville, Texas. Brumwell, Travis - Ontario, Oregon. Bruner, Dion - Florence, Arizona. Brunner, Francis - Aberdeen, Washington. Bruno, Frederico - Trenton, New Jersey. Bruno, Kaseem - Oakwood, Virginia. Brunson, Harold - Beaver, West Virginia. Brunt, Patrick - Chicago, Illinois. Bruynell, Daniel - Ontario, Oregon. Bryan, Darrell - LaGrange, Kentucky. Bryan, David - Forrest City, Arkansas. Bryan, Erick - Shelton, Washington. Bryant, Anthony - Jarrett, Virginia.

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Buckingham, Justin - Rush City, Minnesota. Buckman, Robert - Boise, Idaho. Buckner, Corey - Livingston, Texas.

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Buckner, Donavan - Ionia, Michigan. Buckner, Lawrence - Terre Haute, Indiana. Budreau, Kenneth - Lebanon, Ohio. Bueno, Isaac - Corcoran, California. Bueno, Jonathan - Ione, California. Buenrostro, Abraham - Susanville, California.

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Bugg, Twan - Minersville, Pennsylvania. Buggs, Marvin - Lincoln, Nebraska. Bugni, Steven - Berlin, New Hampshire. Buie, James - Taylorsville, North Carolina. Buitron, Mark - Kennedy, Texas. Bulander, Ian - Crescent City, California. Bulerin, Anthony - Enfield, Connecticut. Bulkeley, Walt - Carson City, Nevada. Bull, Andrew - Lansing, Kansas. Bullard, Malcolm - Lamesa, Texas. Bullock, Thomas - Amarillo, Texas. Bullocks, Andre - Danville, Illinois. Bultron, Jorge - Newark, New Jersey.

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Burden, Rashiem - Windsor, North Carolina. Burge, Davion - Fort Madison, Iowa. Burgess, James - Pikeville, Tennessee. Burgess, Steven - Midway, Texas. Burghart, Zachary - Salem, Oregon. Burgin, Jeffrey - Burgin, Kentucky. Burgos, Julio - Cheshire, Connecticut. Burk, Brittany - Ypsilanti, Michigan. Burke, Andrew - S Walpole, Massachusetts. Burke, Steven - Norlina, North Carolina. Burkett, John - Angola, Louisiana. Burkett, Mark - Huntsville, Texas. Burkhart, Jeremiah - Lexington, Nebraska.

Burkle, Jonathan - Iowa Park, Texas. Burks, Andrew - Gatesville, Texas. Burks, British - Beaumont, Texas. Burks, Marlon - Susanville, California. Burnett, Brandon - Airway Heights, Washington. Burnett, Lucas - Ionia, Michigan. Burney, Waddell - St. Burney Sr. Burnham, Kevin - Umatilla, Oregon. Burnheimer, Anthony - Lebanon, Ohio. Burns, Adam - Tecumseh, Nebraska. Burns, David - Suffield, Connecticut.

Burns, Justin - Portage, Wisconsin. Burnside, John - Cresson, Pennsylvania. Burnside, Timothy - Ely, Nevada. Burrell, Ashley - Midway, Texas. Burton, Dustin - Dalhart, Texas. Burton, Manuel - Iowa Park, Texas. Burton, Mario - North Bend, Oregon. Burton, Miquan - Indian Springs, Nevada. Burtt, Dominick - Lovelock, Nevada. Burwell, Daniel - Carson City, Michigan. Busbee, Aaron - Beeville, Texas. Buschke, Sean - Pendelton, Oregon. Bush, Ariel - Leavittsburg, Ohio.

Bush, George - Shirley, Massachusetts. Bushnell, Timothy - Ontario, Oregon. Buske, Stephen - Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Bussell, Joshua - Coupeville, Washington. Bussey, Tyrone - Smyrna, Delaware. Bustamante, Michael - Corcoran, California. Bustamonte, Diana - Chowchilla, California. Buster, Kayley - Gatesville, Texas. Bustos, Arsenio - Florence, Arizona. Butcher, Donte - Youngstown, Ohio. Butcher, Travis - Larned, Kansas. Buth, Roatha - San Diego, California. Butler, Chad - Coleman, Florida.

Butler, DeTravion - Kenedy, Texas. Butler, Isaac - Iowa Park, Texas. Butler, Jovan - Angie, Louisiana. Butler, Kasey - Dickinson, Texas. Butler, Keon - Terre Haute, Indiana. Butler, Kyron - Indian Springs, Nevada. Butler, Raymond - Sandy Hook, Kentucky. Butler, Spencer - Abilene, Texas. Butler, Terrion - Canton, Illinois. Byer, Andrew - Brazoria, Texas. Byerly, Preston - Rosharon, Texas. Byers, Andrew - Adelanto, California. Byers, Brittany - Pewee Valley, Kentucky. Byers, Damien - Conneaut, Ohio. Byrd, Daunte - Youngstown, Ohio. Byrd, Ebenezer - Trenton, Nevada.

Byrd, Johnathan - Rahway, New Jersey. Byrd, Kethus - Huntsville, Texas. Byrd, Shameik - Bridgeton, New Jersey. Byron, David - Gardner, Massachusetts. All Rights Reserved. Must be 18 to view this website and have read our Terms of Service. Skip to main content. Member Login Sign Up. Why WriteAPrisoner? Inmates - Alphabetical Listing. Click to view inmates by the first letter of their last name. Babos, Eric - Lima, Ohio. Bailey, Cecil - Toledo, Ohio.

Baines, Zapria - Marlin, Texas. Baird, John - Beeville, Texas. Baity, Trevon - Salem, Oregon. Baker, Kevin - Lisbon, Ohio. Baker, Luke - Boise, Idaho. Ball, Kevin - Youngstown, Ohio. Ball, Marquis - Toledo, Ohio. Ball, Zachariah - London, Ohio. Banks, James - Hondo, Texas. Barker, Brad - Brazoria, Texas. Barnes, Kerri - Dayton, Ohio.

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Year of Release: 1973

Bonilla, Curtis - Ely, Nevada. Booker, Cory - Grafton, Ohio. Booker, Donte - Lisbon, Ohio. Borja, Vicente - Boise, Idaho. Bost, Kendra - Marlin, Texas. Bougere, Rome - Hondo, Texas. Bowen, James - Lebanon, Ohio. Bowers, Adam - Lovelady, Texas. Bowling, David - London, Ohio. Bowman, Keith - Pampa, Texas. Box, Martell - Dixon, Illinois. Boyd, Travis - Kenedy, Texas. Bragg, Isaac - Beaumont, Texas. Bragg, John - Grafton, Ohio. Brandt, Jared - Clarinda, Iowa. Brazeal, Shawn - Lima, Ohio. Brecks, Travis - Boise, Idaho. Brice, Jack - Toledo, Ohio. Bright, Amber - Topeka, Kansas. Brite, Shanda - Bryan, Texas.

Britt, Robert - Salem, Oregon. Brooks, Charles - Toledo, Ohio. Brown, Bobby - Kenedy, Texas. Brown, Corey - Midway, Texas. Brown, Damien - Marion, Ohio. Brown, Donald - Grafton, Ohio. Brown, Dustin - Anamosa, Iowa.

Brown, Edward - Marion, Ohio. Series: VII. Justice Fellowship Arrangement: 2 subseries: A. Administrative Records; B. Restorative Justice Handbooks. These are described in more detail in the subseries descriptions below. Date Range: Volume: 6. A letter from PF Australia in folder Correspondents: Daniel Van Ness Subjects: The development of Justice Fellowship's efforts to serve as a think tank and resources group for criminal justice reform, Criminal justice reform, rights of victims of crimes, theories of rehabilitation of criminals, overcrowding in Florida prisons Subseries: A.

Administrative Records Arrangement: Alphabetical by significant words in folder tittles Date Range: Volume: 2. These boxes include budgets, planning documents, quarterly and yearly reports box , a five year plan box , surveys and analysis of JF by outside consultants see, for example, folder , the quarterly newsletter of the Fellowship folder to Folders to contain files about a special task force that the Fellowship put together to examine the problem of overcrowding in Florida prisons and make a report to the governor.

Exceptional items: Folder contains a set of edited memos by Daniel Van Ness to the staff of Justice Fellowship on the purpose and activities of the organization. Folders through contains information on individual prisoners who were facing the death penalty or who had been executed. Folder contains a draft of the book by Van Ness, "Victims and Offenders", which laid out the principles of restorative justice. Subseries: B. Restorative Justice Handbooks Arrangement: Reference and general materials on restorative justice are in boxes , materials on handbook I dealing with theory are boxes , materials on handbook II dealing with principles are in boxes ; materials about handbook III program models are in box Folders in each of these subgroups are arranged alphabetically, by significant words in the title.

The series appeared to be roughly in this order when received, but the archivist had to arrange some folders according to what seemed a logical place for them to go. Date Range: Volume: 4. Type of documents: Drafts of chapters, memos, correspondence, comments on the handbooks by a variety of reviewers not book reviewers but individuals selected to give their comments before publication Subjects: Victims of crime, rehabilitation of criminals, criminal justice reform Notes: Justice Fellowship staff, under the leadership of Daniel Van Ness were concerned with practical ways to make restorative justice a practical approach to criminal justice reform.

Restorative justice put the focus of concern in criminal justice on restoring the welfare of the victim as well as the punishment and rehabilitation of the criminal. The documents in this subseries illustrate how the staff, through work session, discussion and correspondence with legal and religious leaders and thinkers, attempted to clarify the theory of restorative justice and create a series of handbooks for use at grass roots levels and higher to apply the theory to criminal justice in the United States.

The collection does not have copies of the actual finished handbooks and there is little in the collection about their application in practice. Besides the memos and correspondence of the staff and the reviewers of the material, there are many xeroxes of articles throughout the subseries on crime, its effect on victims, and the ways to heal the effects of crime. See, for example, folders and Poster PC 29, 3rd floor.

One color poster for the movie edition of the book Born Again, written by Charles Colson and published by Chosen. Poster is clipped to a cardboard backing that could be used for either window or bookshelf display. Previously Accession Posters PC 29, 3rd floor. Center of poster contains a circle with a illustration of several scenes from the film juxtaposed with each other. The largest scene and the central one in the circle is of Dean Jones and Anne Francis hugging, with Jones facing forward.

Advertising manual PC 29, 3rd floor. One black and white manual, twelve pages, for the film Born Again, produced by Avco Embassy Pictures. Includes overview of the film, short biographical sketches of the primary actors, guidance for coordinating screenings, photos, and promotional samples. Newspaper ads PC 29, 3rd floor.

Two sheets of glossy paper, black and white, stapled together, of three dummies of the same newspaper ad. Howard Hunt. Two sheets of glossy paper, black and white, stapled together, of five dummies of newspaper ads. Individual photos of eight moviegoers with their names and favorable reactions to the film underneath; four dummies exactly alike, one the smallest an abbreviated version of the ad.

One black and white poster with photo of scene from the movie with Dean Jones and Raymond St.

The Nation Behind Prison Bars

Jacques struggling with someone. One black and white poster with large photo of scene from movie of Dean Jones and Anne Francis hugging, with Jones facing forward. Jacques with their names and a few words about their part beneath. One black and white poster of text. One black and white poster with the front cover of the book Born Again. Prison Fellowship - I. Covers the period , with a many undated items. Among the people pictured participating in the Washington Seminars is George M. Prison Fellowship - II. Prison Fellowship - III. Covers the period Includes hundreds of pictures of various members of the Prison Fellowship International organization, including directors, vice presidents, board members, instructors, and volunteers.

Also pictures of various meetings, such as leadership conferences, volunteer conferences, staff retreats, prayer breakfasts. Prison Fellowship - IV. All proof sheets, no negatives. Includes many speaking engagements of Colson, visits to prisons, conferences and seminars. Prison Fellowship - V. Covers the period to Includes pictures of Charles Colson and Al Chambers. Prison Fellowship - VI. Proof sheets with negatives a few of the proofs in color , Includes pictures of various Prison Fellowship conferences, banquets and events including the staff conference, the Belfast Ireland conference, the Columbia Baptist Church crusade, the Community Mobilization Luncheon, the Volunteer Leadership Conference, the Toys for Tots event, the Donors Banquet, Charles Colson's visits to several prisons, in-prison Bible studies.

Prison Fellowship - VII. The sheets generally give the proof sheet number, the subject, date and photographer. Very occasionally there is information about individual images on the sheet. Prison Fellowship - IX. Covers Prison Fellowship - X. Includes proof sheets and negatives of Charles Colson speaking at Harvard University and Taylor University, other pictures of his travels around the country and an Easter visit to prison, a donors retreat at Glen Eyrie, the Prison Fellowship-USA board meeting, state directors and other staff, staff conferences, the construction of a new Prison Fellowship building.

Prison Fellowship - XI. Photo ID sheets with very brief information about the individual proof sheets in photo albums IX and X. Prison Fellowship - XII. Album of 4 x 6 color snapshots of what appears to be a party in Maryland for the children of inmates at which volunteers distributed the Angel Tree gifts which had been collected for them. Album of 5 x 5 color snapshots of a visit of Charles Colson and other Prison Fellowship staff with volunteers in Maryland.