How to obtain a birth certificate from germany

Refusal by German authorities to issue birth certificates to new born children has frequently been criticised as a violation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The birth certificate is formally required to claim a number of rights and services, including:.

Failure to obtain a birth certificate from the civil registry office regularly results in difficulties with access to rights and services. All of these difficulties were further encountered by persons who were issued other substitute documents instead of a birth certificate.

Germany - Obtain Birth Certificate

There is no obligation in German law for a marriage which has been concluded in another country to be registered again at a German civil registry office. Instead, marriage certificates from other countries are generally considered to be sufficient evidence of the validity of a marriage in legal affairs. However, German authorities and courts often ask for certificates of legalisation of marriage from other countries. This legalisation usually has to be carried out by the German embassy in the respective country.

Records of Births, Marriages and Deaths in Germany

An important restriction on the legal recognition of marriages concluded in other countries was introduced in The new Law on combating child marriages which took effect on 22 July contains the following measures: 9. Rights and obligations in connection with marriage are dependent on whether the competent authorities recognise the marriage certificates or other documents from the country of origin as sufficient evidence for the validity of the marriage in question. If one parent is deployed or on temporary duty, the non-applying parent must fill out a DS , have it notarized and provide a copy of the ID they used on the day of notary.

Can you please tell me how I can obtain German birth or death certificates?

The passport office recommends parents complete this process within 30 days of the birth of their child. It is possible, but not necessary, to make an appointment at the passport office before baby is born.


The office accepts walk-ins on Wednesdays. It takes an average of six to eight weeks to receive, but this processing time varies by workload, Palmer said.

Parents should pick up the passport as soon as possible or within 90 days of the expiration listed on the SOFA request form. Parents will soon be able to complete the CRBA application online. Passport agents will provide additional guidance when this service becomes available. For more information and to fill out needed forms, go to home.

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  4. This same procedure also applies for death certificates Sterbeurkunde and marriage certificates Heiratsurkunde. Unfortunately, the German missions in the United States cannot issue birth certificates.

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