How to get a new birth certificate in ohio

Since these birth certificates are issued in Columbus, Ohio, the wait time for a new birth certificate can take anywhere from two 2 to four 4 months. Offices requiring a birth certificate may or may not accept the judgment order as proof. It will vary from office to office.

New Law Eases Access to Original Birth Certificates

Print This Page. Obtaining Copies of Birth Certificates: For births occurring before December 20, , contact the Probate Court in the county where the birth occurred. Requirements for Unrecorded and Corrected Birth Certificates : Ohio law provides that whoever claims to have been born in this State, and whose registration of birth was not recorded, or has been lost or destroyed, or has not been properly and accurately recorded, may file an application to register or correct their birth record.

Birth Certificates

Where to File : The Probate Court of the county of birth. The Probate Court of the county of residence. The Probate Court of the county in which the mother resided at the time of birth. A parent or legal guardian must apply on behalf of any minor child; signature must be notarized. Attach to the application a letter of search stating that no birth record can be found. If the birth was prior to December 20, , the letter must be from the Probate Court of the county where the birth occurred.

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Affidavits are on the back of the application. At least two of these affidavits need to be completed by individuals separate from the applicant who have knowledge of the birth. Date of death Back to Top. Bowling Green, OH. Where can I get a birth or death certificate?

Birth Certificates

Birth Records If the person was born in Ohio in or later, you can get a certified copy of the birth record from us. Beginning January , many local Ohio health departments can issue birth records for Ohio births regardless of where the birth occurred. Check with your nearest local health department for more information.

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Click here to find other health departments in Ohio. Death Records If the person died in Wood County in or later, you can get a copy of the death record from us. If the death occurred outside of Wood County, you can contact the county or city health department where the birth or death happened. Prior to If the birth or death happened before , you can contact the Probate Court of the county where the birth or death occurred.

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For a list of Ohio's Probate Courts, click here. In Person You can stop by our office during normal business hours. Online: Ohio, County Marriages — not all counties available; coverage varies by county Ohio Marriage Records Index — requires Ancestry. For certified copies of divorces, please write to county Clerk of Courts where the divorce was granted.

Online: Ohio Divorce Index —, —, — requires Ancestry. Share Flipboard Email. Ohio Vital Records:.


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Dates: From 1 January Ohio Marriage Records:. Ohio Divorce Records:. Dates: Varies. Continue Reading.