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If you want to contact me please do. Thank you for this information and working to allow the release of information. I was adopted in Rochester, NY. I am looking for 3 younger siblings whose between ages 27 and A set of twins birth names Faith and Hope. Not sure if this fits you but hey gotta try ya know! Hope you find your peace either way. If you are still searching for bio parent info and have not done testing, I strongly encourage you to do so. I found both sides of my family last year at age Good luck to you all, and thank you Gregory for your information here. The name Sesan was my adopted last name.

Where can I go from her? It seems NY will allow transgender people the ability to change the sex on their BC but I cant get into mu original live birth BC as an adoptee! My fiance has a twist on this. He was born in NYC Queens and a couple of years of his birth, his mother remarried and his step-dad adopted. He knows his biological fathers name. The problem now is, his drivers license has expired and he applied for a new birth certificate in order to renew his license. He has applied for his birth certificate, listing his birth father on the information, that was asked for.

Will he receive that last name on the certificate, or will he need to supply the adopted fathers name? He has used the adoptive fathers name all of his life, growing up, to present. I was born in S. Korea and adopted at 5 and moved to NY. I then was adopted again at 16 and had my birth certificate amended. I joined the military and somewhere, I lost my birth certificate, adoption decree and naturalization paperwork. If i apply for copy of my birth certificate from NY, and if they issue a amended birth certificate, can that be used as a form of id for employment purpose?

Yes this is a weird one. Matt: yes, this is complicated but unfortunately not so weird for intercountry adoptees. Your issue will be not so much the amended birth certificate but proof of citizenship for employment purposes. An amended certificate may not suffice. But a passport or certificate of citizenship would. Feel free to email me to see if I can help you sort this out and point you in the right direction. I am trying to find my family. I think I was switched at birth by the hospital.

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I was born April 10, I was born in Trafalgar Hospital in Manhattan. I have my birth certificate and it has both of my parents name. At the same time my mother was pregnant with me and the doctor that delivered me was a well known Doctor the inventor of the Margarlies Coil.. Hi, Gary You might want to get other Mercados tested, a sibling, if possible. That would prove whether you are related to them.

Do you want help with your DNA matches? Step 1 is uploading to GEDmatch, which is free. Email me and I can get you started. Linda Wolfe Kelley. Is it possible to get an original birth certificate for an adoptee who is deceased, and was born in ? Do they open the originals after a certain amount of time? Thanks in advance- I do have his adoption records, but the father is unnamed, and his birth mother is listed in the public records as well as on the adoption papers. I have since found out who she was. Currently, nearly impossible. I wrote about this a little bit here, in a post entitled The Nutso Workd of New York Adoptee Rights , which should give you an idea about what you are up against.

I am 73 years old and was adopted when I was between 8 to 12 years old. I have always known who my birthparents are but was adopted by my stepfather. I lived with my mom and know all of her history. My birth father passed away in , and his twin sister, who I was in touch with until she died, in All of their parents, grandparents, etc. Even my two half sisters have now passed away. I have always wanted my original birth certificate, since doing genealogy, and for entry into the D.

How do I go about getting it.? Are there any forms I can fill out to accomplish this? Hello everyone, I see we are all sisters and brothers here with a common cause. I am 60 now, found out I was adopted around 18 years of age by an older cousin she let that slip yeah right. Both of my parents have gone on , I have no one left. Would love to know my history so I can tell my children. DNA is the way to go…. We moved to Georgia , was told I had a younger brother name Pete was not going to be told he was adopted in N Y.

My grandmother was adopted, I have the original adoption papers from a judge in Kings County dated September which includes her birth name, birth mothers name and adopted mothers name. Did they ammended birth certificates back then? She was apparently born in Brooklyn, I have searched appropriate birth indexes for that area and neither her birth name or adopted name are in the index.

My father was born in Manhattan in Adopted at birth in ny.

I know my biological birth name from a birth cert I found after adopted parents died but not bio parents. Will be doing ancestry. Thought it might be mothers surname but now think maybe fathers…Amended cert 6months after born. Googled alot. May have my bio father but does not resemble me.

Everyone is so, so excited about how they can make money from this. All people care about is getting high and the money to be made on something that will continue to ruin humanity because of greed. If we have the birth mother, now-adult child, and adoptive father each willing to sign off, can we get all records released in NY?

I would think if you all register, even though it might take years, they could release information at that point for certain without the need for legal action. Even tried Catholic Charities. Know how frustrating this is. I am a birth father who, with birth mother, is looking for adopted son. He was born within 10 days, plus or minus, of 17 April , at Central Gen.

Hospital, Plainview, Nassau Co. No luck. Mom was heavily sedated, never saw or held child, unaware even of exact birth date. Remembers social worker asking for a name for the child William David , and that adoptive parents were both teachers. On positive note…my mother had a female child out of wedlock two yrs before marrying my Dad; and my half sister has connected with me, and my brother and sister.

I was born in Yonkers NY in but adopted through an agency in Connecticut in that same year. Your original birth certificate would be held by the New York State Department of Health and it would be available through this bill once enacted and implemented. I am trying to find information about my grandmother who was adopted in New York, Brooklyn in Amongst her papers we found after she passed we found an original copy of her adoption papers, a birth certificate with a different child name than her birth name on the adoption papers and a copy of a birth certificate with her adopted name the name we have always known.

Is it possible that my Grandmother, requested a copy of her original pre adoption birth certificate in and received a copy from the state of New York? From what I have read and researched, this is not possible. First of all, thank you Thomas — you were the only site that made sense of this process — you are a lifesaver. I am now in the middle of step three for my marriage in Mexico…. Hi Andres, did you have an answer for your questio about providing prepaid postage envelopes? Thank you! I am applying for dual Italian citizenship and had no idea that the birth certificate need to be in long form—your outline of the process helped save me so much time and headaches!

What is the difference between the long the form and the short form? I got one by phone 4 years ago but i cant tell wheter its a long form or short? Thank you for your fine and instructive article. I am now at phase one of the process Just sent the envelope to the Office of Vital Records and following your directions. I have 2 questions here: Firstly what exactly is the letter of exemplification?

I asked for this on the phone of course, along with the long form, but don't know what it means. What other purpose could this paper possibly have? Hello Tom I'm applying for dual citizenship. When you order a long form birth certificate, do you ALSO have to request the letter of exemplification from them? The thing about apostilles is that it can be very simple or extremely complicated depending on your situation. There's more information about the apostille process here, including step-by-step instructions.

The apostille process is different by state and country. I followed all the instructions above, with a few exceptions. Step 1 can be completed on the internet through vitalchek. Either office will put the Apostille Seal on your documentation. The process took a little less than one month to complete.

I was very pleased with how quickly each document was returned to me. Thanks for the guidance. So helpful, I was going crazy trying to find out how to get the apostille de la haya for my husband's birth certificate. I am from Spain and he is from New York, but his mother is from Spain and apparently we do need his birth certificate stamped so he can become a Spanish citizen. I wonder if your birth certificate had to be less than 6 months old, which is another of the requirements to become a Spanish citizen or to register our marriage in the Spanish consulate in New York.

Also, my husband was born in North Tarrytown, Westchester county, should the address and the process be the same?

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I planned to marry in France, Chailly en Biere. I have all my certified copies, dated correctly and at the eleventh hour, the town hall says they require an Apostille for my certified birth certificate. The translator will not begin the process without it, therefore the wedding has to be postponed at a terrible cost. But all that being said, everything I find online says the apostille is only required for New York City births.

I was born in Yonkers, NY. I wonder if the typical stereotype has occurred in that all New Yorkers to foreigners is New York City. Can you shed some light on this for my next venture to put the correct papers in place. My email is: hanks45 aol. I was born in Yonkers and am being told that I need an Apostille. I just cannot imagine how to coordinate getting the birth certificate from Yonkers, and sending it to Albany for the Apostille and still comform to the 90 day prior time requirement when the town hall here wants it 21 days before the wedding date.

Have others been using a outside company to obtain or doing it all themselves. This just seems conflicting in requirements. If you ever need a California Apostille in business days contact, Apostille Pros. They are located in Beverly Hills. They did everything perfectly. I was in New York; therefore, was unable to do it. They also took care of my son's birth certificate for Florida as well. Expedited that! Not sure how they were able to do that, but they took care of everything as well as translation. This information on the blog is very helpful, but this post is inaccurate in that VitalChek will not give you a Letter of Exemplification along with your birth certificate.

You must go through directly, the Vitals Office. Very informative. I am at step 2. My papers are confirmed received on Aug. It is now Aug. I call and asked what is the status. They tell me it will take at least another week or so.

New York City Birth Certificates, | Reclaim The Records

I process NY birth, death and marriage certificates on a regular basis for Apostille. This walk thru service takes less than a day, If you like to use my service, I available. Hello, Derek. I just adopted my grandson to a family in China and will be traveling to visit in the near future. I was born in PA and need to know where I send or take my birth certificate to obtain the apostille. Any suggestions? While living in Paris seemed like this was going to be a problem, with your advice, it went pretty smoothly and all is wonderful in our world again. Many thanks.

Merci', Bonne Journee, Au Revoir…. Hello,I will need my birth certificate born yonkers,NY ,my mothers, Bronx my fathers bronx their marriage certificate,my grandparents marriage both Bronx certificate all apostilled. What would your fee be? I am in Italy and would like to have it done by some one who is currently in the US.

Be sure to get perfect clarification from the mayor of the town hall where you will marry. That is a must.

Finding New York Birth, Marriage, and Death Records

So first I was told I did not need because I was born in Yonkers and at the 11th hour, they said I did need it. I used an outside agency to coordinate everything. Everything must be dated within 90 days but the town hall wants it 21 days ahead so it is pretty tight….. Bon Chance. Let's hope that that goes smoothly so that he can send out for my apostille soon.

What a long process! Congrats on having your apostille! The street name on step 2 is Centre St. Thank you very much for sharing this information, especially the details on Birth Certificate. Do you remember how long it took to get the mail request done for an Apostille from Dept of State? Thank you Thomas! I will follow all the steps to acquire the sought after Apostille for my son, who just found out today that he can also become a Dutch citizen.

Hope you are still happily married and living in France. The Convention provides for the simplified certification of public including notarized documents to be used in countries that have joined the convention. Foreign countries often require documents to be authenticated before the documents will be accepted in the foreign jurisdiction.

The apostille includes the facsimile signature of the individual issuing the certificate. The Letter of Exemplification must be requested when ordering the birth or death certificate. This service is not available online. Obtain a certified copy of the marriage certificate with an original signature of the City Clerk. The document must then be presented to the County Clerk's Office in the county where the document was obtained to verify the signature of the City Clerk. The original document must then be presented to the county clerk's office in the county where the document was obtained for certification.

It is suggested that you contact the county clerk's office prior to obtaining the records to determine if their office can certify documents obtained from a local authority. The official's signature must be notarized by a notary public. The document must then be presented to the County Clerk's Office in the county where the notary public is qualified to certify the signature of the notary public. The county clerk's office will affix its seal and signature to the document. The country where the document is being sent to must be specified. The telephone number is You may also bring your document to the Albany Office for processing between the hours of a.

You may also bring your document to the New York City Office for processing between the hours of a. To assist our office in processing your document in a timely manner, you may wish to include a daytime telephone number so that we may contact you should any questions arise.

Processing a document submitted in person is usually completed while you wait. You have to do it now via the internet, they will not help you via the phone. There is at one point in the online process an dropdown list, which asks your reason for obtaining this birth certificate and you need to answer with the Apostille answer. This will automatically get you the letter of exemplification. I have just received the vault copy, hooray and will move on to step 2.

I will call them New York County Clerk's office first just in case this has changed to. Your blog was still the most helpful in this process. Vital check now offeres the long form, when ordering the birth certificate for new york under reason select apostille and then they will get the long form and the letter of exepmlification.

Thanks to your site i knew where to get my nyc certificate notarised by the county clerk. Just wanted to let you guys know. Thomas, I was born in Manhattan and am currently back, but only until Sunday. I don't think I have time to deal with post as I am only here until Sunday , so I was wondering if you knew of a way to expedite the process? All advice is much appreciated!

Hey everyone, I have just ordered my long copy. I ordered it via vital check but it took over a month. I keyed in the wrong year and Vitalcheck does not deal with NYC certificates.

After spending hours on hold I finally have it in hand. I live in Albany now and once i got the certificate i overnighted it to the county clerk. They sent it back to me via per paid postage and then i brought it to the DPT of state in albany and got my apostille. I also helped my friend order his it took 2 weeks for his. They say days. On the order select the option for apostille and they give you the long form and the leter of exemplifacation. For out side of the city you can just order it from the DEPT of vital statistics via the vitalcheck or goto the town clerk where you were born and get the long form.

Then take it to the county clerk of where you were born and have them sign off on it. Then take it to the dept of state. I just hit a roadblock in obtaining my Italian citizenship. I was born in NY to an Italian father but my mother had my stepfather adopt me when I was I just found out that I can't get a copy of my original birth certificate without petitioning the court by hiring a lawyer.

I am trying to order a birth certificate from New York to Canada.

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  • When I try to order it through VitalCheck I get an error on the province when trying to enter my address. I finally found a way around this my first typing in a US address then changing it to a Canadian address but then it asks me for my social security card for verification. Has anybody else had these issues when ordering the birth certificate? I was able to call up VitalChek, and after about 30 mins on hold, I was able to update the order so that they would send me the long form. There is no option to do this online, but if you call them up, you may be able to have them make the change depending on what state's records you are ordering.

    It took about 1 minute after I got through to someone, and it didn't cost me any extra money. Hey Celeste! I'm doing the same thing for Dominican republic, i think we follow the same procedure and then when all the papers are done take them to the Dominican Embassy at broadway 4th fl to apply for a Cedula, to finish the process. Thomas, thank you so much for blogging this.

    As an american born girl trying to get dual citizenship for Dominican Republic, it has been a bit challenging due to the language barrier. My parents were both born there and I'm heading out there to take care of some business matters, so when someone suggested getting a dual citizenship to facilitate the process. My head spun. But you have made this such an easy process! They Never Pick up, just got threw there website it works took me 2 weeks to get My Birth Certificate.

    Do I get my birth certificate with the letter of exemplification on the same day if I apply in person???? Also, assuming they send you both, does it still have to go to Manhattan County for certification, or can it go straight up to Albany for the apostille? Hi, thanks to this blog entry, I was able to quickly get my apostille. To confirm information of the original entry and the comments and the information of the link at the end of this comment , I post my experience for others.

    I used the UPS Air shipping offer for the 20 miles distance to be covered so as to get business days processing time processing time currently averages business days via regular mail. My order was placed online the day before the Memorial Day weekend. Your identity has been verified. Your payment was received.

    New York State Birth Certificate application form

    Your order was transferred to New York City Dept. My father went in person 10 minute walk from the 60 Center Street office , paid 10 dollars and walked out of the office 7 minutes later with the apostille. It could be that the page hasn't existed in this form all too long, as it mentions a very recent slight revision in the method in which NYS DoS produces apostilles. Effective April 15, , apostilles will be produced with a black and white laser printed facsimile of the New York State Department of State Seal. The Great Seal of the State of New York will no longer be embossed either directly on any apostille or on a gold foil wafer placed on an apostille.

    I will comment on one point. If you are abroad and have someone near NYC to do steps 2 and 3 big thank-you to my parents! For people in an extreme hurry, order from VitalChek now. My mother went to the New York City Dept. The birth certificate from that order has not yet arrived. Today is Wednesday, June 16, Time from reading this blog page to apostille: 18 days 11 business days! Took me a while to figure out that dollar signs are not accepted in comments.

    The information here sent me in the right direction, and I have some information to add. It may already be in the comments, but I'm not up to reading through all of them to find out, so apologies if this is redundant. The website includes a link to a table of frequently updated turnaround times. It appears that the fastest method is to order online. Thank you for explaining the process in this detail.

    They kept referring me to the County Clerk for an Apostille! Obtain copies of birth or death certificates online. Order now. Skip to main content. How long will it take? Third Party Pick Up We discourage third party pickups. If you must have your record picked up by a third party, please follow these steps carefully: Provide the third party with a signed, dated and notarized letter stating who will be picking up your record, which record they will be picking up, and that you grant them permission to get the record for you.

    Send a completed and signed application form with the third party. You may download the appropriate form from the mail order page. Complete, print and sign the application form. The person picking up your record will be required to provide proof of his or her identity following the same criteria as listed above and will need to co-sign the application form.

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