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The base is 35 minutes from skiing at Piancavallo and an hour from the beaches of the Adriatic. The closest large city is Pordenone, about 10 minutes away, and Venice is only an hour and a half away by auto or train. The village of Aviano is nine miles north of Pordenone population 50, , provincial capital of Pordenone province.

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Temperatures range from the low 20s during the winters to the upper 90s in the summers. The province of Pordenone offers the quiet appeal of its people-scale cities, towns and villages. Other points of interest in northeastern Italy include the cities of Gorizia and Trieste castles on the border with Slovenia; Aquileia, Grado Roman ruins and Lignano beach on the Adriatic coast; and Spilimbergo mosaics , San Daniele Del Friuli ham production and Udine Friulian artistic and historic center in the inland hills. Venice is 53 miles away; Florence , Milan , Rome miles away.

Exploring Italy will be the highlight of your tour at Aviano. Few countries can match Italy for its sheer wealth of art and architecture, not to mention music, literature, the culinary arts, fashion and modern design. Italy's identity is reflected in its regional diversity, with a wide range of dialects, cuisines and architectural styles.

Even within regions, you'll experience marked contrasts as the Gothic palaces of Venice give way to the timber houses of the nearby Italian Alps, or the Renaissance splendors of Florence are left behind for Tuscany's medieval towns. And when you tire of exploring the country itself, there's always the dining. Dining out in Italy usually takes longer than in the States. The typical day's dining in Italy is kick-started with milky coffee caffee latte and maybe a cornetto, a croissant with a jam or custard filling.

For more information check the Aviano website at www. There are also outdoor and indoor pools and a number of beautiful beaches within driving distance, plus facilities for bowling and golf. Aviano has an elementary school a middle school and a high school. All command sponsored family members under the age of 21 who have not graduated from high school or completed a GED must be either enrolled in and regularly attending the local DoDDS school, enrolled in an Italian private or public school or enrolled in a recognized home study program.

Aviano DoDDS Schools currently have the resources to educate handicapped children in the learning impaired and communication impaired speech therapy programs. At the Elementary level, English-as-a-Second-Language is provided for students who speak little or no English or whose limited knowledge of the language may slow their progress in other subject areas. Government family housing at Aviano is treated as military family housing, but unlike traditional base housing, it is not located on base, but spread throughout the local Italian communities.

Air Force Installation Overview - Aviano Air Base, Italy

All units are within a thirty-minute commute area, measured from the Wing Headquarters building to the entry sign of a town or village. It also has a loan center providing cookware, dishes, utensils, appliances and the like for people awaiting their household goods. The Pordenone hospital in the nearby town of Pordenone is the primary Emergency Room and offers a variety of medical services that may be used by Aviano AB members.

The base Dental Clinic offers general dentistry to active duty personnel and their family members. There is also a Veterinary Treatment Facility. Red Cross services on base include verification of death or sudden illness, birth announcements and health and welfare reports.

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The Youth Program offers before and after school care during the school year and full-time holiday and summer day camp services during school vacations for children ages 6 through Due to space limitations hourly care may be limited, but a waiting list is maintained. A variety of weekly, monthly and special events are available for youth in grades Activities include trips to Vicenza, Camp Darby, Pisa, Verona and other local areas of interest; organized sports, talent shows, photography, fine arts exhibits, dances and Youth Employment Service YES.

Activities include fellowship evenings and post-service fellowship; religious education for children, youth and adults, and men's and women's study and service groups. There is also confidential professional counseling for singles, couples, families, parents and children as well as advocacy in religious and in other areas.

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And if snowcapped alps and cliffside vineyards are too sharp and rugged for your tastes, grab some sunscreen and head to one of the nearby beaches along the Adriatic Sea. Lido di Jesolo is a popular spot known for its yellow dolomite sand. Locals are quick to highlight agriturismos as the best dining experience rather than name-drop popular restaurants you could find on Yelp.

Agriturismos are farms that offer food or lodging or both!

And you can find them near and far from Aviano, so it's just as easy to make a day trip for dinner as it is to travel to one for a weekend getaway. Most have a casual mom-and-pop feel and serve produce, cheese, pasta, olive oil, meat, and wine sourced straight from their backyards. Local fare doesn't get any more authentic than this.

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Even those homesick for America can find solace in the outstanding and ubiquitous gelato. The only source of debate here is where the best scoop lives, with arguments to be made for Fontanafredda at Il Gelateria, 30 minutes outside of town, or nearby Aviano hotspot 86 Il Gelato. The Italian locals are kind and helpful, even towards kids.


One resident told us, "You can bring your kids to dinner at at night and no one will even bat an eye. They are everywhere -- or at least ruins where they used to stand. Living here is like living in a fairytale with actual scenic evidence to back it up. There are castle ruins nearby, but the Castello di Miramare, or "Castle Admiring the Sea," near Trieste is especially worth the minute car ride. Antique markets pop up every Sunday and are a dream outing for anyone trying to accessorize their house a bit more like Joanna Gaines. Look out for treasures that are hundreds of years old -- including demijohns -- which are bulbous, narrow-necked glass bottles.

Aviano's location in Northern Italy means that places like Slovakia, Croatia, Prague, and Budapest are accessible by car -- not just train or plane.

Reflections on 7 Years of Living in Italy

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Prosecco Rd is a paradise Just 40 minutes down the road is a mile stretch of vineyards called Prosecco Rd. The hills are alive and the beach is close, too Aviano is located at the base of the Dolomite alps, which means the hills are alive with more than the sound of music. The world's best dessert comes with a tiny spoon Even those homesick for America can find solace in the outstanding and ubiquitous gelato.