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Usually, you want to go all the way when the subject matter or topic speaks to you so much that you have these scenes playing out in your head all the time.

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Hollywood washout makes good Growing up in New York City, Diesel started acting at age 7 after he and some friends wandered into a theater and were goofing around with some props. Diesel was not trying to break out of the action mold. He just wanted to make something kid-friendly. It was an opportunity to do a picture for the kids.

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Their first project although not for long was teaming up with Starbreeze Studios to make The Chronicles of Riddick : Escape from Butcher Bay , which many people named as actually being better than the accompanying film, and was named as being the best action game on the Xbox at the time. When they released the sequel, a large percentage of its sales were just because it included the original levels.

So yeah, it was pretty good.

It gets better: one of the upcoming games is about his player character. He also voiced the title character in The Iron Giant.

Find Me Guilty (2006) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p]

While Riddick is a Magnificent Bastard and a murderer, Vin Diesel is reportedly a very sweet, polite guy. Also, you know that " Chuck Norris Facts " fad that you may have heard of?

DVD & Blu-ray: FIND ME GUILTY (2006) Starring Vin Diesel

Click here to see the rest of this review. He doesn't know it yet but he is about to go through the longest mafia related trial ever held. The FBI has been after the Lucchese family for a long time and Jackie has been fingered several times in the process. He makes parole only to get caught again during a supposed set up drug deal.

This time he goes down hard with a 30 year sentence. He isn't really too shook up as he has been no stranger to a jail cell.

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After a short time the repeat convict is brought to a plush office, offered wine, fed shrimp cocktail and offered a deal if he rolls. No way would he ever turn on his friends and tells prosecutor Sean Kierney Linus Roache to forget it. This angers Kierney so much that he has it in for Jackie from now until the end of time. Jackie's efforts to protect are short lived as his dug abusing cousin Tony reappears.


It seems that he is the prosecution's star witness in a 76 count indictment against 20 defendants, Jackie included. The charges are serious and many hire the best attorneys possible. Jackie refuses to rehire his former attorney because he was found guilty the last time.

Script Analysis of Find Me Guilty

Much to the chagrin of others, he decides to defend himself. Even Judge Finestein Ron Silver advises against it. Jackie insists that he will do fine and it's what he wants to do.

This actor's roles provide examples of:

The attorneys and well as their clients are petrified at first. They think that the uneducated man will say something incriminating and take everyone down with him. One of the most seriously accused, Nick Calabrese Alex Rocco , tells his attorney to separate from the trial if Jackie screws up.