1965 ford mustang vin locations

vin number locations

I am wanting everything to be right. MY question is does anyone know where I could buy a metal stamp kit to punch the vin numbers in, one correct height and all and including the "stars" at each end. Thanks in advance for all and any help! Quote from: tnguy on August 29, , PM. Jeff Speegle Anything worth doing is worth doing concours. Then you could experiment with ways to stamp it. A Hydraulic press would probably do it. The method Ford used allowed the characters to bulge out underneath like the backer was not steel.

Maybe very hard rubber or plastic or wood.

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Ivygreen65 Full Member Posts: I don't know the legality of this suggestion, so take this as just an idea and bear the burden of finding out how legal it is. You could cut out the hidden VIN from the passenger side and section it into the driver side where it is visible. That way you have a correctly stamped VIN I've never seen a re-stamp that looks anything like an original and you still have the VIN with the car it was originally assigned to. I was a Georgia State Trooper for years.

Mustang GT verification (1965 - 1966) - vupekanesa.cf

Given the fact that 2 of the 3 stamps are still there and both agree with the original door warranty number, this would merely be a "proper repair. Thanks so much for the ideas, advice and opinions all have given. I do have one question, Bryancobb you mentioned three vin stampings.

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I know about the two under the hood on each side of the car on the fender aprons, where would the third one be on the 66 convertible? Usually the fender aprons had one VIN stamping on each side with the passender side being hidden, but sometimes the Driver's side fender apron was stamped twice making a 3rd VIN.

It was obviously on the Warranty Plate on the Driver's door as well, but on the Warranty Plate, not on the car's sheet metal. Never seen a VIN stamped anywhere else. Tony K. Tony Kovar NEFaurora aol.

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If your car has 3 stampings, my understanding is that they are all 3 somewhere on the fender aprons, and usually only 1 is visible until you take off the fenders. Quote from: bryancobb on August 31, , AM. Seen quite a few cars with a 3rd VIN on the part of the Driver's side fender apron close to the brake master cylinder.

Seen it mostly on '65's but have seen it on cars as late as ' I believe that it was definately NOT a common practice, but have found that it was definately a Metuchen, NJ practice. I have a few pics of this and will post them.

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Located here are the codes in your Mustang's VIN vehicle identification number. Vin location ford mustang. Read more about: Popular News.